Red alert: We might be facing a national gin shortage

Red alert: We might be facing a national gin shortage
One day, a G&T won’t be a thing. We’ll just have the T. No one wants that. 

Middle class drinkers, look away now. This is going to be hard to hear.

A new study from Plantlife reveals that we could be facing a national gin shortage across the UK. Meaning we’ll have to sip sad tonic water, alcohol-free, while we sob about the sad state of affairs.

It’s all down to the humble juniper plant which, if you didn’t know, is the main component of gin.

In devastating news to us all, the juniper plants in Scotland – considered the best place in the UK to get hold of the key ingredient – are being killed off by a deadly plant disease. The horror.

Gin and tonic

Plantlife says Scotland’s juniper stash is in a ‘critical state’, with 79% of last year’s juniper stock too old, damaged, or, well, dead, to be any use to any of us.

Thankfully, most gin producers in the UK do actually bring in their juniper from abroad.

But that doesn’t mean we’re in the clear. Every unhealthy bit of juniper takes us closer to a gin crisis. The disease must be stopped to ensure our future gin-filled old age.

Might as well buy a few caseloads of gin in the meantime though, just to be safe.


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