About Us

Welcome to Africanos World Ltd– a family business selling hard-to-find products from Africa.

The online grocery was started by husband and wife Francis and Miriam in 2015.

Francis works for the business full-time and is passionate about developing trade and promoting farmers across Africa.

Miriam joins him two days a week when she’s not looking after their daughter, Arwen.


Whether it’s Malawi Gin, Premier Brandy or Mzuzu Coffee you want, you’ll find it here.

And if you’re looking for artwork to brighten your home, our directly sourced canvases will provide a real talking point.

At Africanos World we’re keen supporters of Fair Trade products, and aim to make a real difference

to the lives of African artists and farmers by paying a fair price for their goods.


You, the customer, are king, so if there’s anything we don’t sell and you would like us to source, please get in touch:

Email: info@africanosworld.com

Phone: 01535 607300 (office hours)

WhatApp: 07449 394779

Help us to support African farmers and change their lives for the better. Together, we can make a difference.


Africanos World, bringing African taste to the world


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